The CEO of the Radio and Television Corporation, His Excellency Mr. Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthy, expressed his great happiness, thanks and appreciation for receiving the second edition of Al-Riyadh Magazine, which is issued by the Riyadh Center for Political and Strategic Studies, affiliated to Al-Yamamah Press Foundation.


This came in a letter addressed by His Excellency to His Excellency the Director General of Al-Yamamah Press Foundation, Mr. Khaled Al-Fahd Al-Arifi, congratulating the launch of the center and praising the scientific and media services it provides in the interest of the country and the citizen, and appreciating the great efforts made by the center by addressing a group of vital topics in the second issue of The magazine, which included various aspects, including political and media.


It is noteworthy that the Riyadh Center for Political and Strategic Studies was launched about a few months ago, to be an icon of cultural and intellectual radiation, and a source of knowledge for decision-makers in the Kingdom and the Arab world, based in its research and studies on a group of the most prominent politicians, thinkers and intellectuals around the world.


Through a specialized team of creative researchers, writers, and technicians, the Center presents qualitative strategies, studies, research, predictable and applicable scientific policies, and builds documentaries that promote political visions with great depth and accuracy.




– Professor Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthy

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