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About Us

Al Riyadh Center for Political & Strategic Studies is belonging to Al Yamamah Press Est. and it operates within national, regional and international framework. To achieve its goals, Al Riyadh Center for Political & Strategic Studies rests on creativity of intellectual and cultural elite.  

Vision :

Research center that has a pioneering role in the intellectual and cognitive building and seeks to: 



Values and Professionalism

Responsibility: a spirit of the responsibility and enhancement of the scientific integrity in presentation of the studies, researches and conclusions, which serve the Kingdom and Arab Region.

Integrity: the adherence to the professionalism in describing and analyzing the fact and achieving high level of the professional obligation in the scientific research and response quickly to the developments experienced by the Arab and international arena.

Leadership and Excellence: approval of the appropriate scientific methodology, development of sprit of the initiative, creativity and innovation and adoption of concepts of the quality and its standards and establishment of their policy and laws to improve the scientific and research outputs.

The Effective Communication and Partnership: participation and activation of the communication channels with the similar centers locally regionally and internationally, adoption of the dialogue, investigation and exploration to obtain the best results.

Publishing Criteria

Al Riyadh Center for Political & Strategic Studies opens the doors for the Arab and Saudi researchers, academicians and intellectuals and other persons to participate therein through publishing researches and studies in five languages namely: Arabic, English, French, Chinese and Persian.  

  • The team work at the Center is interested in achievement of cognitive accumulation about  all the researches, studies, theses, reports and dialogues  related to the political, security, intellectual, social and economic affairs, which help to understand the current regional and international scene and to formulate proposals and solutions related to the future.
  • The material shall contain the related references and resources, when required.
  • All the materials published in the Center are written and exclusively pertaining to and allocated for it, and the Center has the free hand to dispose them. The materials shall not be published in any other informational organization or published in any other manner of the publishing, whether in the written, audible or visual manner. 
  • The Center reserves the right to conduct amendments to the written formulation of the provided materials, as per requirements of the publishing, provided that these amendments shall not affect content of the study.
  • The materials published in the magazine express opinion of the writer and they don’t necessarily express trends or viewpoint of the Center. 

Team Work:


إعداد أفلام وثائقية طويلة تتناول أبرز القضايا السياسية والأمنية والإعلامية إقليمياً ودولياً.​

إعداد أفلام قصيرة تتناول حقائق عن المملكة وتكون بلغات أجنبية متعددة.​

إعداد أفلام ثقافية متنوعة ذات محتوى مستمد من أرشيف مؤسسة اليمامة الذي يعد من الأكبر في الشرق الأوسط.​

إصدار تقارير مرئية وفيديوجرافيك، تتوافق مع الرسائل الإعلامية والسياسية. ​

 أفلام أنيميشن، عرض الإنجازات الوطنية بتوظيف عالم الخيال والرسوم المتحركة.​