Our Services

Al Riyadh Center for Political & Strategic Studies provides the following functions:

First: Strategies


·        Contribution to achievement of objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 in the strategic, political and informational areas. 

·        Design and adaptation of the strategic plans for the public sector institution with Saudi Vision 2030.  

·        Design of treatment strategies for the most prominent international raised issue.  

·        The strategic analysis of the regional and international crises and their reflections on the national security and Arab and international security.

·        Design of strategies to form international public opinion supporting the national situations.

·        Design of informational strategies, which rests on use of archive of Al Yamamah Press Est., which is the biggest one in the Middle East to introduce about history of the Kingdom and its international relationships.  

·        Design of the strategic, future and informational indicators and metrics.

·        Preparation of the strategic, informational and future reaches and studies.

·        Preparation of situation estimates for the most regionally and internationally prominent issues. 

·        Creation of the initiatives and preparation of the executive programs of the strategic plans. 

·        Cooperation with experts specialized in the strategic, future and informational areas. 

Second: Research Production

• Preparation of studies and researches discussing the most prominent emerging issues in the Arab region, Middle East region and world.

• Preparation of periodic refereed newspaper concerned with the political and strategic affairs and it is issued in four languages (Arabic, Chinese, English and French).

• Preparation of specialized books discussing the most prominent issues, to which Kingdom pays attention.

• The Center makes the informational archive of Al Yamamah Press Est. available for students the Saudi universities in their scientific researches and university theses.

• Support of the national security with its comprehensive concept through studies and researches bearing strategic thought.

• The research cooperation with the most prominent regional and international intellectual centers.

Third: Special Reports

· Preparation of specific specialized reports derived from the most prominent reports of the international organization and international thought centers.

· The periodic monitoring for the reports issued by the intellectual institutions and international studies centers.

Fourth: Documentaries

·  Preparation of long documentary films discussing the most regionally and internationally prominent political, security and informational issues.  

· Preparation of short films discussing facts about the Kingdom in various foreign languages.  

· Preparation of cultural films with a content derived from archive of Al Yamamah Press Est., which is the biggest one in the Middle East.

· Preparation of visual reports videographic compatible with the informational and political message. 

·  Animation films, display of the national achievements, through use of the fantasy world and animation.  


scientific researches, academic studies and academic translations (all the languages)

Sixth: management of the informational centers

of the government entities and private sector by qualified team of the national personnel distinguished in preparing all forms of the informational content (news, report, article, investigation and narrative story.)